Runway Venture Debt Review

Learn the latest trends and insights on venture debt use among entrepreneurs and capital providers.

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    of entrepreneurs feel venture debt has become more founder-friendly in the past 12 months.

    Venture debt is poised for additional growth.

    Among VCs surveyed, 93% are becoming more comfortable with the use of venture debt across their portfolio companies.

    “Coaching of founders is getting better, they are getting more and more sophisticated about term sheets and financial instruments.”
    - Partner, SAAS specialist investor

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    As the market continues to evolve, venture debt lenders are playing a bigger role in supporting borrowers.

    82% of entrepreneurs believe lenders can provide value beyond capital in the form of relationships, industry knowledge, and business advice. Historically, venture debt has been seen purely as a loan, however we’re now seeing a shift towards a more partner driven approach between borrower and lender.

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    of entrepreneurs who have not used venture debt, do not see the value proposition.

    Some entrepreneurs still don’t fully understand venture debt.

    This widespread misunderstanding among founders highlights the need for further education and expanded media coverage.

    “They [first time founders] also don’t know venture debt firms so they default to SVB.”
    - Co-Founder and General Partner, VC firm

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