Runway Venture Debt Review

Learn the latest trends and insights on venture debt use among entrepreneurs and capital providers.

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    of entrepreneurs surveyed have used venture debt to fund their business

    Venture Debt is Gaining Traction Among Entreprenuers

    The majority of entrepreneurs feel venture debt has become more attractive in the past 12 months.

    "Venture debt continues to be an interesting tool for founders to get what they need, gives liquidity and extends the runway for entrepreneurs."
    - Ex-Operator Founder and Current Angel Investor

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    Positive Experiences and Increased Comfort Helping to Drive Further Adoption

    There is broad consensus that venture debt is becoming more founder-friendly - and capital providers nearly unanimously agree that entrepreneurs are becoming more comfortable using venture debt.

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    Venture Debt Activity in 2019


    of entrepreneurs surveyed regretted using equity instead of venture debt

    Entrepreneurs Have Crucial Misconceptions on the Proper Use Case and Timing for Venture Debt

    This widespread misunderstanding among founders highlights the need for further education and expanded media coverage.

    "The worst thing is that they don't know what they don't know. Founders look at venture debt like a loan, or they use a mental model akin to a credit card in their mind."
    - Partner, Lending Accelerator Program

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